Casual Classes

Whether you’re a beginner or have some dance experience, join us for a fun and relaxed atmosphere to learn various dance styles. No pressure, just good vibes.

You can book one of our casual classes online right now. Just select your class from below and proceed to payment to confirm.

Senior Hip Hop - Open Class

Senior Hip Hop class provides a space to learn and enjoy hip-hop dance, focusing on various styles including Commercial. You will enhance rhythm, coordination, and self-expression while engaging in a dynamic and energetic form of dance. You will learn choreography in a fun and inclusive environment.

6:00PM - Tuesday 27th Feb 2024

6:00PM - Tuesday 5th Mar 2024

6:00PM - Tuesday 12th Mar 2024

Silks 10+

Silks classes involve aerial silk acrobatics. The class caters to different skill levels, teaching fundamental techniques for climbing, holding positions, and executing graceful movements on the silks. Participants gradually progress to more advanced maneuvers, enhancing strength, flexibility, and aerial artistry. Silks classes provide a unique and exhilarating experience, blending athleticism with artistic expression in a challenging yet supportive environment. The class is 45 minutes and is for 10 years upwards.

12:45PM - Saturday 24th Feb 2024

12:45PM - Saturday 2nd Mar 2024

12:45PM - Saturday 9th Mar 2024

Adult Jazz -Term 1 30/1/24

Learn Jazz in a comfortable, high-energy, and judgement-free environment where we encourage dancers of all levels to let go, have fun, and let their own personal style shine through. A great form of exercise and a ton of fun, participants will focus on increasing style and performance skills and learning choreography. This is an Adult Jazz class for dancers at an Intermediate level.

6:00PM - Tuesday 27th Feb 2024

6:00PM - Tuesday 5th Mar 2024

6:00PM - Tuesday 12th Mar 2024

Advanced Lyrical - Term 1 30/1/24

Advanced Lyrical classes provide a platform for experienced dancers to further develop their artistry, blending technical proficiency with the emotive qualities inherent in lyrical dance.

7:00PM - Tuesday 27th Feb 2024

7:00PM - Tuesday 5th Mar 2024

7:00PM - Tuesday 12th Mar 2024