Getting Started

Coming to Studio 24 is more than just taking up dance or music lessons. It's becoming part of an exciting, vibrant culture of entertainment, fun and fitness.

But don't just take our word for that.. we invite you to come and try it for yourself, with a no-obligation free trial lesson for any of our classes including Ready Set Dance and Ready Set Ballet.

Simply fill out the form at the end of this page to let us know what types of class you're interested in trying, and we'll contact you to arrange a time for you to come in - as simple as that!

1. Check the timetable to see what classes you would like to try.

2. Come to the studio 15 minutes prior to class and fill out enrolment form- insurance purposes

And if you decide to join..

Uniforms worn by all students, this adds to the team spirit as well as having an equalising effect on everyone. Students must have the dance shoes required for each class. What to wear is outlined in the class descriptions.

Your Studio 24 programme is very flexible - once you're enrolled in a class you're always welcome to change or add classes at any time.

Students are offered the opportunity to perform in the Studio 24 annual production. This however is not compulsory but we highly recommend that the dancers get a chance to perform their routines to their families. Please see Concert Page for all the details.

If you are a more serious dancer please see our Comp Squad information.